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What is PDO?
N-Cog Lift thread is made of PDO (polydioxanone), a clinically proven as 100% bio-compatible material that is already widely used in medical suturing.
Why N-Cog Lift?
The 360 degree and duplex cogs on the threads provide stronger attachment to the lifted facial region and ensure longer lasting firm facial skin. Different types of N-Cog Lift threads range are designed for specific area to deliver the best result.
During the procedure?
Prior to the thread lift, local anesthesia will be applied to the treatment area to numb the skin and minimise pain. N-Cog Lift thread is fine needle affixed to the absorb-able thread. The needle is inserted to the subcutaneous layer of skin, and when the needle takes out, the threads remain, implanted in the skin. The procedure will take about 20-30 minutes to complete.
How long do the effects last and what will N-Cog Lift become after inserting into the skin?
N-Cog Lift thread will be fully absorbed / melted in the skin within 6 months. However, results may last up to 1.5 years due to the later effects of the production of the collagen in response of foreign substances.
Any downtime?
Virtually no side effects and downtime (subject to individual). Downtime could be minimal swelling but the recovery period is very short. You may return to your regular appointment after the appointment.

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